What You Should Know About Dental Bonding?



I’m Dr. Peter Wong and we are going to be talking about dental bonding which is something we get asked quite a lot at HVS. This topic is definitely trending and has been trending for a while, so composite bonding which is the actual term for it or concept buildup bonding is more to do with adding material onto a tooth to be able to restore it back to full form function, color and appearance right from the beginning and the reason that it might be needed is that maybe you’ve worn your teeth over time, maybe the color has changed, maybe they’ve had dentistry on there which is now stained or old or needs repairing or you need the smile readjusted and retweeted which actually is a really good place to start because smile design is imperative in modeling.

It allows us to be able to build up the team in a particular way to try and fit them into the shape and size that you as an individual are looking for. There are two ways to do it, we can either do the celebrity way which is literally bulk them up, build them up, and make them as square and wide as possible which is a look that some people really like, or the natural way which is a bit more technically demanding and actually much harder to do and get right because it’s about actually blending your teeth in so that your teeth look really lovely, really well blended and nice but if anyone was really looking into detail they wouldn’t actually be able to tell you had anything done with your teeth you’ve just got a gorgeous smile and that’s the look that we try and go for the majority of the time, so it’s about getting the teeth in the smile zone in the right position with your lip space, eyes and getting the color matches absolutely right with all of those which takes us into the second part.

So, bonding is really about adding material or white filling material which is made of resin and the one we use specifically we get asked about allergies is actually BPA-free so it’s very environmentally friendly and safe and it’s adding that material to get it stuck onto your actual tooth surface without damaging it with minimal damage to the original tooth surface and getting the shape and the contours of the teeth into what we want them to do. This allows us to reset them and allows us to make some quite drastic changes to the smile zone which can make things very interesting a lot of the time. The reason it might be needed is that you may wear down your teeth significantly over time which could be anything dietary-related. It could be anything you drink, things that you’ve eaten for a long period of time, and then adding and changing that to try and reset and get the teeth back to the original shape that they were. The other side of it is a cosmetic element, it’s wanting to change the color of a tooth which is very difficult to do. Maybe whitening just doesn’t work for you or is it appropriate or you don’t want to go down that route and you also want to change the design of the shape of the teeth at the same time in which case bonding would work really well in those phases and it allows us to have that full control and adjustment to whatever it is that we want to do.

It has a good life expectancy on them but bonding will never be as long-term as things like veneers or porcelain simply because they don’t last quite as long. They will retain their polish in their shine for a minimum of five to seven years which gives us a really good opportunity to get an end result that is satisfactory and very nice but at the same time we’ve got to have that limited expectation that within five to seven years time we probably will need to re-look at the case and make some tweaks over time as well it won’t be quite the same with something a bit more permanent such as porcelain veneers simply because they do have much longer expectancy and longevity and they don’t change calorie over time but obviously as with everything in life there’s the price difference and that’s the difference that you’re paying for between the two.

Finally the sorts of results that we’re going to have to get and achieve we will look at in the next section. There’s the only way we can really do this is by looking at case after case because that’s the only way to get a real appreciation of the different types and colors and one of the biggest factors in all of this is color and photography. So, when we’re looking at different shades and colors, we’re looking at the different elements that we can adjust. This is a perfect example of a shade guide that we have every single one of these colors in stock to try and match. The only way we can match it appropriately and accurately is by using modern-day digital photography which allows us to be able to figure out exactly what color your denting and enamel shades are on your teeth. We can try and get that natural element matched up as well as possible and finally it’s the polishing process.

Anyone can place composite on the way, we polish them but the way you treat them afterward and get that luster and shine on that is what determines how long something is going to last, for how amazing it looks at the very beginning. We’re not doing dentistry for the next sort of one year so you can look amazing.

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