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Our CEREC crown service will ensure that the whole process of tooth restoration is precise quick and successful so that you can get back to your regular routine or personal commitments right away. In less than a day, we can create a custom-fit, long-lasting, natural-colored porcelain crown. They’re of the same high quality as our regular crowns, but they’ll be available in a matter of hours rather than weeks. 


CEREC: One-Visit Dentistry

To complete treatment, most restorative cosmetic dentist procedures necessitate repeated visits to the dentist. The injection of anesthetics, tooth preparation and impressions, and the placement of temporary restorations are usually included in the initial session. After that, you’ll need to make another appointment a few weeks later to have your final restoration installed. CEREC one-visit crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers save time. We help our patients recover the natural strength, beauty, and usefulness of their teeth in just one visit at Hidden Valley Smiles!

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#1 CEREC Crown Dentist

If you require a crown, you should seek treatment from a practice that employs cutting-edge technology and has considerable restorative dentistry experience. Our dentists have installed hundreds of crowns and bridges at Hidden Valley Smiles, and we use cutting-edge CEREC® technology.

CEREC Dental Restorations in Bellevue

CEREC machine is comprised of a digital infrared camera, a medical grade computer and a milling machine, all located on site at Hidden Valley Smiles in Bellevue. The system allows the doctors to repair a damaged tooth in about one hour using tooth-colored ceramic restorations. The camera takes an optical impression of the damaged tooth, eliminating the need for cumbersome and uncomfortable impression molds, and uploads the image to the computer. Once in the system, Dr. Wong uses 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to design the restoration. Then the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system takes over to automatically create the restoration while the patient waits. Finally, the new custom-crafted restoration is bonded to the remaining healthy tooth tissue of the damaged tooth.

Restorations created using CEREC machine offer dental patients a long-lasting, esthetic alternative to silver or plastic fillings, crowns and veneers. Better yet, the patient in our office can receive this smile-altering care in a shorter period of time. Traditional approaches often required a return appointment after the patient waited for the restoration to be manufactured in a separate lab. On-site milling by our staff eliminates the wait. CEREC crown restorations are as durable as traditionally fabricated restorations and are similar to patients’ natural dentition in form and function.

Why HVS is the Best CEREC Dentist Near Me?

CBCT (Cone-beam computed tomography) is used at Hidden Valley Smiles to build a 3D model of the teeth for optimal treatment. We have a CEREC 3D system that allows us to provide single-sit dental crowns the same day.


What is a CEREC Crown Made of? – Read Here!

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