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It can be difficult to decide on a new dentist in Bellevue WA. Dental practices come in a variety of sizes and provide a variety of services. In order to receive appropriate treatment, it is critical to take note of the services and treatments that a dental professional offers.

Hidden Valley Smiles, which serves Bellevue and the surrounding area, can assist you. Our Bellevue modern dentistry provides a variety of general dentistry services. We take pride in assisting patients with even the most difficult dental issues. To make an appointment, please call +1 425-637-6997.

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The experienced dentist and well-trained staff at Hidden Valley Smiles in Bellevue provide comprehensive care to patients. We understand that when it comes to your smile, you have high expectations, and we strive to meet them with care that is tailored to your specific needs and desires.

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Thank you for visiting Hidden Valley Smiles. We are delighted to provide you with the high-quality dental care you deserve. Excellent patient care, a wide range of dental services, and state-of-the-art equipment distinguish HVS as the best cosmetic dentist in Bellevue.

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Why Choose A Bel Red Dentist?

When it comes to finding a local dentist in Bellevue WA, we understand you have options. Dr. Wong and Dr. Phi, as well as the rest of the Hidden Valley Smiles team, are committed to providing exceptional dental care and patient service to everyone who walks through our doors.

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General Information
  • Population: approximately 151,854
  • Longitude/latitude: 47.610377 -122.2006786
  • The best place to stay in Bellevue is the Seattle Marriott Bellevue, offering spacious suites located at 200 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
  • The nearest airport to Bellevue is Seattle Boeing Field (BFI) Airport which is 7 miles away

Whether you live in Bellevue or you’re simply visiting this beautiful destination, there is never a shortage of popular attractions and entertainment.

Things To Do in Bellevue

Bellevue Downtown Park was first conceived in 1984. The entire space is a beautifully landscaped circular lawn with a waterfall sculpture as its border. The Inspiration Playground at the park is quite a sight and provides an engaging place for kids to climb and explore. It is located at 10201 NE 4th Street, Bellevue, Washington.

The Bellevue Arts Museum has an amazing collection of regional and international artists’ work on exhibit. When the BAM is open, self-guided tours are accessible Wednesday through Sunday. In addition, the museum offers a variety of educational workshops for children, teenagers, and adults. Admission is free on the first Friday of the month. It si located at 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, Washington.

The Bellevue Botanical Garden, a 53-acre urban sanctuary of Pacific Northwest vegetation, is located in Bellevue, Washington. The colorful Rock Garden and the seasonal Dahlia Display are two unique spots to explore. The entire property is a work of art in terms of landscaping and gardening, and admission is always free. The address is 12001 Main Street, Bellevue, Washington.

The largest city park in Bellevue is Mercer Slough Nature Park. More than seven miles of pathways wind through the park, allowing visitors to explore the surrounding marsh habitat. It also has a blueberry field on the premises, as well as a 1929 Mission-style villa that guests can see. It is located at 1625 118th Ave. SE, Bellevue, Washington.

Meydenbauer Beach Park in Bellevue was originally the arrival point for ferries from Seattle. The park is now a popular destination for both locals and tourists. It gives a location for guests to have a picnic while getting some sand between their toes. Address is 419 98th Ave NE, Bellevue.

Attractions: Bellevue Downtown Park, Bellevue Botanical Garden, Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM), Mercer Slough Nature Park, Bellevue Square, Meydenbauer Beach Park, KidsQuest, Children’s Museum, Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue Zip Tour, Chism Beach Park.

Notable Residents

Brad Snyder was a Baseball Player of the Year in the Mid-American Conference in 2003.

Benny LaPresta is a NFL professional football player.

William L. Harkness “Standard Oil Heir” and son of Daniel M. Harkness, was born in Bellevue.

Interesting Facts
  • Bellevue is the high-tech and retail center of King County’s Eastside.
  • The city’s name is derived from the French term belle vue (“beautiful view”).
  • Among the nation’s 200 largest cities, Bellevue is the third most educated.
  • Bellevue is 14.0% more expensive than Seattle.

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