What is a Composite Filling?


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So have you ever wondered what a composite filling is? Well, my name is Peter Wong and I’m a dentist at Hidden Valley Smiles here in Bellevue. I’m here to explain to you what a composite filling is.

A composite filling is just the clinical term for a white filling and it’s just another name for it due to the fact that it’s a composite. The material that makes up the composite filling is basically a plastic-based material. Sometimes it comes in the form of a white color looking ball that you place into the tooth to fill the tooth. Other times it comes in form of like a flowable composite which is easier to fill a tooth with. It’s a lot better for the patient and the restoration aspect of the tooth. So. basically a composite filling is a white filling and there are different shades that you can pick with composite fillings depending on the natural color of your teeth would be and the reflection of the shade that you would want to pick.


Advantages of composite fillings are:

-natural-appearing restorations
-less tooth removal is necessary during the preparation
-a strong chemical bond is achieved
-a filling can easily be repaired by adding more composite material
-re-treatment may be necessary after five to seven years


Risks and complications

Composite fillings are usually well-tolerated and provide a good cosmetic result. However, occasional complications do occur such as increased sensitivity to hot or cold, pain, improper shade selection, and discoloration.

Composite fillings are versatile tooth-colored restorations that can be used to
treat various tooth defects. They are highly durable, look natural, and can easily restore the tooth appearance function and your self-confidence.

So, therefore I’m a Peter Wong from HVS, and I just explained to you what a composite filling is. If you are interested to find out more about the composite filling procedure, please visit our blog article here!

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