Types of Dental Bridges?



Bridges belong to the family of accessories aiming to fill toothless spaces. A bridge replaces a missing tooth with a false one and it’s anchored in place by the remaining healthy teeth. There are several kinds of bridges and the bridge is determined by the type of attachment that binds it to the adjoining teeth. The bridge is usually made out of porcelain with a gold skeleton underneath for strength. Every bridge needs support and there is a number of different ways of anchoring a false tooth in position.

The strongest bridge is supported by crowns on either side of the false tooth, this is a fixed bridge and holds the false tooth very firmly in place. Another type of bridge allows for some movement of a false tooth supported by a crown on only one side. It is called a fixed movable bridge that uses a small foot to give support when you chew your food. A Cantilever bridge has the false tooth completely supported by only one crown and this means it’s not as strong as the other bridges but it’s very useful if a tooth lining the gap is in pristine condition and doesn’t really warrant a craft. If both supporting teeth are in good condition, you could use a Maryland bridge. Because of a very strong cement, this type of dental bridge can only be used in places where there’s not much chewing pressure.

You and our dentist at Hidden Valley Smiles will decide together which bridge is best for you so that your smile can be restored as good as new.ΕΎ

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