What is a CEREC Machine?


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In this article, we are going to talk about something we refer to as the CEREC machine. Now there are several other machines on the market but the CEREC unit has been around the longest. The CEREC machine is a computer that’s similar to a CAD-CAM machine in which allows and enables us to do a crown all in the same day. Really what this machine allows us to do here at Hidden Valley Smiles is to make a permanent porcelain restoration for the patient in one appointment within a matter of an hour or two. Previously we would have to do the drilling, take an impression which we sent off to a laboratory and then the patient would have to come back after a few weeks. The big advantage of this machine is that we can numb the patient up, clean out the diseased part of the tooth, and leave the rest of the good part of the tooth. So when we have you in, we can take photos of your tooth and wirelessly transmit them to a milling machine that will make your tooth from a block of porcelain. In our Bellevue dental office we will fit it, polish it and make sure everything is nice and at the end cement it all in one day so it eliminates the second appointment. It’s a big convenience for many people who don’t want to come here more than once.

With the CEREC machine, it is all finished in one day so we saved time and made it much more efficient for the patient. We have reduced the risk of maybe harming the tooth by having to drill on it twice so in this way we can save some good tooth structure. This is a big boost in the technological arena here, so here in our dental office, our Bellevue patients love it. Check it yourself by scheduling the appointment today!

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