What Are the Types of Dental Crowns?




You might think a cracked tooth is a disaster but dentists can make your smile as good as new, thanks to an artificial covering known as dental CROWN. Imagine having a tooth with a big filling, the pointed tip of the tooth, the cusp has been so weakened that one day you get a nasty surprise. It looks bad but there’s still hope. Dentists have a way to strengthen the remains of your broken tooth by binding it together with a hard artificial covering called a crown.

This hardshell can be made from various materials. The strongest crowns are made of metals like gold. For a more natural look crowns are made of porcelain or you could combine the two and get a crown that has strength and good looks. But before the crown could be made, the dentist has to use ordinary filling materials to restore the broken tooth to its original shape. Then the dentist has to carefully remove a thin layer from the whole tooth. This creates a space for the crown which will slip over the top like a hand into a glove.

To make sure the glove is exactly the right shape, the dentist makes a model of your tooth using a putty-like material in a mouth-shaped tray. Using this rubber mold a technician makes an exact replica of your tooth. The crown is made to fit perfectly over the top of the model and can be sculpted and polished so that it fits precisely. All that remains is to take the crown off the model and slide it onto the real tooth in your mouth using strong cement to hold it in place. With its new crown to protect it your once broken tooth is restored to full working order. With its hard new shell, your tooth got once again last to your life. 

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