How to manage tooth sensitivity with Philips Zoom! Whitening



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Rather than waiting for one to two weeks for take-home whitening kits to give you a new white smile, with Phillips Zoom white speed LED chairside treatment will give you the same result and as little as 45 minutes. Until recently, tooth sensitivity was a concern with such a rapid whitening time frame, however, Philips Zoom utilizes advanced treatment and aftercare that minimize any sensitivity. Here are some simple steps to ensure you don’t experience at all or experience very little tooth sensitivity throughout your whitening treatment. Firstly, one week prior you should brush with toothpaste containing five percent potassium nitrate which can be found at most supermarkets or dental practices. Next, just before your Philips Zoom chairside whitening procedure, your dentist should provide you with relief ACP gel to apply to your teeth. The relief ACP gel contains amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride and potassium nitrate which is clinically proven to help reduce sensitivity during your whitening treatment. This relief ACP gel is dispensed by dental professionals only and it’s recommended you request the gel from your dentist before your treatment. If you don’t have whitening trays, the gel can be applied through a toothbrush like your toothpaste. If you have whitening trays already, place a small amount the size of a pea inside each impression and wear this in a tray for 30 minutes. In both cases do not eat or drink for thirty minutes after applying the ACP. Now that you have completed the pre-treatment sensitivity protocol you are ready for your whitening treatment. The Philips Zoom white speed lamp has three settings for managing sensitivity throughout treatment: high, medium and low. This allows the dentist to change the lamp settings if you happen to experience any sensitivity in the chair. The dentist may also apply relief ACP to your teeth throughout your treatment.

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After having the Philips Zoom Whitening treatment we at HVS recommend you avoid staining drinks such as coffee tea red wine and dark sources for two hours. If you experience any sensitivity after the whining procedure you may reapply the relief ACP at home after each meal to stabilize your new whitening shade. It is advised that one Philips Zoom take-home whitening syringe is one 24 to 48 hours after the chair. So, treatment to maintain your new weight smile over time it’s recommended to use take-home whitening whenever you feel you need a whitening top-up.

Please discuss customized whitening trays with your dentists prior to the treatment they can have these created and ready for you. So, if you have sensitive teeth or are concerned about potential painful aches or throbbing caused by the whitening, the Philips Zoom treatment in conjunction with this sensitivity protocol will ensure you have a comfortable experience and achieve the beautiful white smile you want.

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