How long does teeth whitening with Zoom last?




So how long does tooth whitening last? It depends on how well you look after your teeth after you’ve whitened them and as long as you keep your whitening topped up by whitening your teeth using your custom-made trays one or two nights a month that will help to maintain the color of your teeth. So, as long as you don’t have lots of things such are curries, red wine, teas and coffees and you brush your teeth relatively well your teeth will always maintain lighter color than what they were before. Obviously, with time you will come across these stained foods and you may have some gum disease, you may lack in sometimes brushing so they made dull down in color but they should never really go back to the color they were before for years and years. So, if you forget to top up your whitening gel every month you can always go back on there. After a year or even a few years, the key is to keep your trays your custom-made trays nice and safe and then you can always go back to your dentist or a professional outlet to buy some more of the gels.

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