How Long Does Dental Crown Last?


A dental crown can assist reinforce a tooth if it has a large filling but not enough teeth to hold it, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

A crown may also be used by your dentist to:

-repair a fractured or broken tooth
-keep a brittle tooth from breaking
-attach dental bridges


There are lots of different factors that affect how long does a dental crown last, especially if there is any decay present in your mouth, gums, or your teeth. However, as long as you have a good diet and good oral hygiene the general rule is between five and fifteen years and some dental crowns can potentially last several decades. However, they’re not designed to last this long, so after a decade, you may notice that the gingival margins start to recede and you can start to see the edges around them.

Different materials are used to make up crowns, however, if you have ceramic crowns these can be vulnerable to breaking and damage. On the other hand, if you have metal crowns, although these don’t look as nice they tend to be a little bit stronger. There are other things also that influence how long dental crowns last such as:

-location in the jaw
-are they a back chewing tooth
-are they a front tooth that doesn’t take as much biting and doesn’t take as much trauma
-how well the crown was fitted or whether it’s high or the correct level
-if you’ve got any habits like chewing your fingers or biting on
-whether the crown itself is a full crown covering the hole of the tooth or a
partial crown
-external trauma

Materials used for dental crowns can in big measure affect the longevity of a crown. As we said, metals and porcelains can be used, you can even get porcelain fused to metal so they’re part porcelain and parts metal.

However, we advise you to discuss all of these things with our dentist at the time of fitting your dental crown to decide which crown is the best for you. Hidden Valley Smiles dental specialists may discuss the cost, durability, and other benefits and drawbacks of each type of material with you to help you choose the right crown for your needs. Crown or veneers, check our article about their differences here.

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