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9 Facts About All On 4 Dental Implants


Today we’re going to talk about 10 things that you may not know about All On 4 Dental Implants

1. All On 4 allows you to eat foods that you otherwise couldn’t eat. This is really true because the patients who come to see us really can’t eat a lot of food and when they have a full set replacement with All On 4, this restores their function completely. So, they’re able to bite into apples, to chew steak and there really are no restrictions with dental implants. So, they can eat what they want.

2. All On 4 is an amazing permanent alternative to dentures. Implants are permanent because they’re installed in the jawbone and they provide a very solid base into which we’re going to attach the full set of teeth onto those implants so they are permanent, they are solid in the mouth and they feel very strong and because of the way that they feel in their mouth the patients feel very secure they’re not going to get loose over time.

3. All On 4 are easy to clean. That is a fact, especially for treatment done here at HVS because we pay special attention to the way that we do the implants. The main thing with when we perform implants and especially specifically All On 4 treatments at the HVS office because we want to position them in the right position so that they don’t create any sort of need for a plastic a mass of plastic in the mouth and by positioning correctly it makes them easier to clean.

4. Not all All On 4 procedures are the same. Now, this is really important to understand that all on four is a technique that can be done in so many different ways. The one thing that’s very different at HVS is the way that we produce the final teeth immediately. That is a big difference because the final teeth have many advantages and I’m going to talk about them in one of the other points.

5. At HVS we fit your permanent final teeth the very next day. This is what makes us different and this is what makes us unique the reason we develop these systems is to be able to fit the final teeth the very next day is because there are some clear advantages to doing so. It is a very sophisticated and complicated process that we need to undertake in order to be able to deliver on this promise but making the teeth final actually improves the healing of the implants. Why is that? Because when you put something that’s temporary on the implants – just to allow them to heal – the temperate teeth uh are not very strong, they’re fragile in by nature and because they’re fragile what can happen is that parts of the temperate teeth can chip or break and that can then release the support from the other implants and then the other implants can be receiving a lot more pressure and then it can affect the healing of the implants when you have the final teeth inserted the next day. What we mean by final teeth is that we have a titanium frame that provides the support that we need to allow the implants to act in a group and when they act in the group. Of course they’re protecting each other because there are four bases that are holding the whole thing together and of course, the way it’s going to be finished is going to be more with the normal natural gum but inside of this we have this titanium frame. So the reason some clinics are not able to offer these titanium frames is that they simply don’t have the facility to be able to do that because there is no other reason why you wouldn’t create the final teeth immediately after surgery.

6. All On 4 improves your confidence, your personality, and your self-esteem. One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. So, when you have a nice set of teeth this is something that goes a long way, even to the way that people are reacting to you and also to the way that this reaction makes you feel. You will feel more confident having a perfect set of teeth and that is something that a lot of people really dream of having. The patients who have deteriorated teeth or have dentures – really have this opportunity to create that natural and perfect smile.

7. Not all cases actually require All On 4 implants and some may need to have more than four. The way we determine this is when we at the time of surgery decide on what the bone situation’s like. We can also sometimes alter the plan because it needs to be altered and this is what we call All On 4 plus which involves certain additional techniques that may need to be done in order to improve the overall outcome for the patient. Sometimes it involves additional implants and sometimes it involves things like bone grafting. Either way these procedures are added on as part of the All On 4 treatment. In order to get a better result at the end.

8. The teeth made at All On 4 clinic are actually designed to look and feel natural. This is really important for us because we don’t just want to give our patients a white set of teeth that’s flat or look completely unnatural. It needs to be natural looking and we can make it really white but as long as the shapes are correct and it fits the face it can still look very natural. With All On 4, we can actually go ahead and use any type of color as long as we create the right balance and the shapes of the teeth to match the face we can still achieve the┬ábeautiful natural result even with the whiter shades of the teeth.

9. Dental implants have been around since the 1950s. The research regarding dental implants back in the 50s was when titanium microscopes were used in living organisms in order to determine the healing of bone. What was discovered is that the microscope was actually stuck in the bone so he couldn’t remove it, so the process of osteointegration was created. Osteointegration means the integration of the bone with titanium material which is a bio-inert material. This means that our body likes this material and wants to attach itself and adhere to this titanium. The first patient to receive dental implants was actually in 1965 and this patient received a full set of implants. it showed that implants are permanent because most of them did last for the entire duration of his life.

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